Meet The Team

Welcome to Beyond Defense!

There are four of us: Marcya, Imani, Cain, and Nia. Our family has always been very focused about safety for our loved ones. In February 2019, we decided to be a catalyst in helping other families be educated about how to stay safe and provide the tools to help them.

Our original product was the Unicorn and Black Tie kits with five self-defense tools in it to make it easier for our customers to have everything that they need in one place. Four out of the five items are designed to help you get away from an attacker.

Recently we introduced a smaller "Lit Kit" with three of the self-defense tools. We also sell these tools individually so you can get as many of what you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Marcya Cain, Public Relations 

Marcya Cain

Marcya has the distinct honor of being the mother of the other owners of Beyond Defense. She has been a comedian, traveled the world as an employee of a cruise line, and has been in sales for several years. However, she knows her most important job has been the parent and chief security officer of her family. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and playing with her grandchildren.

Imani Twyman, Graphic Design 

Imani Twyman

Imani has always had a flair for creativity, whether that is with cooking, writing, or drawing. She attended culinary school after graduating high school and continues to cook with passion when she can. Imani wanted to create Beyond Defense as a way for younger people to protect themselves, especially. She wants to make sure her family, including her son, are always protected.

Nia Twyman, Inventory and Quality Assurance

Nia Twyman

Nia attended the University of North Carolina Greensboro for Psychology and is currently working to help businesses build business credit. Nia wanted to create a business that would help her community and protect people she loves the most, especially her children. One of the reasons she has also studied criminal justice is to help those in need and support her community.

Cain Twyman, Finance and Shipping 

Cain Twyman

Cain graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and has a strong dedication to social justice. Cain sees Beyond Defense, not only as a way to protect people, but also as means to spread awareness about the safety issues marginalized communities often face. Cain stays active in the community by serving on affordable housing advisory boards and volunteering. In her spare time, Cain enjoys listening to podcasts, watching Netflix Original TV shows, and spending time with her dog, Simba.