Meet Our Team

Our mission at Beyond Defense is to empower women to protect themselves with self-defense weapons and safety information.  

As a family of Black women, we see and feel the unsafe conditions that Black women and women of color face every day. That's why we started Beyond Defense. We want women everywhere to feel safe and be empowered in their ability to protect themselves with self-defense weapons.

Meet our co-founders:

Marcya, Safety Expert

Marcya has the added bonus of being the rest of the team's mother. As the Chief Safety Officer of her family and Beyond Defense's Safety Expert, she manages the safety education and outreach for all of our trainings. 

Imani, Creative Design

Imani takes the safety of herself and her child very seriously which is why she is so passionate about Beyond Defense. She handles the creative aspect of Beyond Defense's social media and graphic designs.

Nia, Product Specialist

Nia is the creative mind behind all of Beyond Defense's products. Her expertise gave us our signature product: The Unicorn Kit. She's also a mother of two and cares deeply about the safety of her family and her community. 

Cain, Marketing Director

Cain brings her years of digital marketing and email automation experience to the Beyond Defense team. She's spent her professional career advocating for the safety and the needs of marginalized communities. 



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