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What's in the kit?

  • Bejeweled pepper spray
  • Cat-shaped keychain
  • Stun gun WITH alarm AND flashlight
  • Brass knuckle (belt buckle)
  • Comb-shaped knife 


Can we order items separately?

We designed our kit as a one-stop-shop for your safety needs. Our Full Kit, in either the Unicorn or Black Tie, includes 5 items to help you survive an attack. Keep a weapon in your car, purse (pocket) and each room of your house. 


Can these items pass through security/TSA?

Weapons must be in checked luggage.You cannot take any kind of weapon on the plane. 

Please review the link below and verify with your airline’s information.



Do you ship internationally? Not currently


How long is the knife?

The blade is 3 inches long


What's the voltage on the stun gun? 

The Snake Eye Stun Gun is 5,000K voltage. 

The Cyclone stun gun is 2.5M voltage. (former device in the kit) 


What's in the pepper spray? 

Pepper sprays are equipped with 18% of the hottest Oleoresin Capsicum (red pepper) on the market and contain invisible UV dye for assailant verification days after use.

It has a range of up to 10 to 16 ft. depending on wind and other conditions.


How can I add my email address for updates & safety tips?

On the Home Page add your email address to the newsletter! 


How to use our products.




Check the state in which you live to find out what laws apply to the weapons that you choose to carry.

Check below for information about what is legal to carry in your state. This will be updated periodically.



Are there any warranties for your products? 

We ship items in original packaging so you can utilize the manufacturer's warranty. The mace should be registered at:



Need an attorney? Have legal questions? We offer a legal service membership. Review the link below.

If you would like to have a consultation with Marcya about protecting your family or business, send an email to support@beyonddefense.net or in the box below and we will make an appointment for you.