How Self-Defense for Women Becomes Generational Wealth for Our Family

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We often get asked the same question over and over: “Why did you start Beyond Defense?’ or “How did you think of Beyond Defense?” And it’s honestly the easiest question we’ve ever been asked. 

Every time we turn on the news, women are being attacked, assaulted, raped, and murdered. In our own communities, women, especially Black women, are being taken advantage of and assaulted, while nobody is taking responsibility to help protect them. That is specifically why we created Beyond Defense, LLC.


Protecting Black Women

As a family of Black women, we take self-defense seriously. Black women are subjected to psychological abuse at much higher rates than women overall. They are also more likely to be a victim of interpersonal violence. According to a study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, more than 20% of Black women are raped in their lifetime.

Those numbers are staggering and are only a part of the abuse and violence that Black women are subjected to. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and enraging to read those numbers and see them happen in our communities. 

Starting a small business is not a particularly easy thing to do. It takes hard work, determination, and discipline. It helps tremendously if your business is driven by a passion that fuels the late nights and the early mornings. For us, the safety of Black women and women of color keeps us going.

We are a company founded with the protection of Black women, women of color, and other marginalized communities in mind. 


Generational Wealth

Another one of the reasons we started a small business is so we are able to make money anywhere and at any time. Having the flexibility to be our own boss and have a decent income while still being able to raise our families is so important to us.

More importantly than that, being able to create a legacy and generational wealth for the younger generation in our family was paramount. There are two generations of my family who started Beyond Defense and we were all in agreement that paving the way for our Gen Z babies was crucial. For Black 

Everybody talks about generational wealth and letting their money make money, but when you sit down and think about it, what does that actually mean? In a very literal sense, we’re talking about investments on some level. That’s making your money work for you. Another thing we’re talking about is creating a business where you can work your own hours and still be making sales in your off time. 

Making the Decision

We understand that working a 9-5 job in an office or an hourly position in hospitality or retail is not a bad thing. Somebody has to do those jobs or the economy would collapse, as we’ve seen with the current pandemic. And at some point, everyone in our family has had those jobs or multiple jobs to make ends meet. However, that is not for everyone and in 2019 we decided it wasn’t for us anymore. 

Working a set, 8-hour job means on specific days, for a specific amount of hours, we are unavailable. It means we have to dedicate our time to an employer in order to get X amount of money on payday. 

This is hard sometimes because we all have families. There are times when we’d rather be at the park with our children, spending time with our pets, or catching up on our sleep and household chores. In addition to that, sometimes things come up financially where we can't wait two weeks to get paid because of an unforeseen emergency.

We started Beyond Defense because there is an immediate need to protect Black women and other marginalized communities. But building generational wealth is a nice additive.

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